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The world today poses many seemingly insurmountable challenges. They range from the need to find new ways of living together in a globalised world, to a growing ecological crisis. The Harbour of Cultures aims to offer a space to debate and address these issues by linking the arts and various fields of knowledge in ways that connect theory and practice. It is through the focus on practical application, on craftmanship, on the need for creative solutions to old problems, that we can reconnect the dissolving fabric of economies and societies. The search for new forms of organising and understanding the world will draw inspiration from diverse histories and cultures, aiming to countermand the current fear and withdrawal that seems to be gripping Europe. It is the search for a new social contract to make these differences cohabit and connect.

HOC is at the beginning of its journey: A journey that for me and Francesca began a long time ago. Our journey has culminated in the restoration of Palazzo Butera. And it is a step towards a new renaissance where arts, crafts, science, culture, and ecology are connected to form a new humanism, that must nonetheless be rooted in its traditions.