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Why HoC ?

Access to resources and opportunities is inequitable.

New geopolitical balances challenge social & economic order

Sustainable growth is a must but difficult to achieve.

Tackling these challenges requires nurturing new forms of humble and inclusive leadership; understanding cultural and economic historical trends, and; gaining a sense of the richness of life which is not limited to a material ulity.


What is it ?

The Harbour of Cultures is an immersive and experiential retreat
focused on discovering, exploring and expanding
the core of future leadership traits.

Three visionary programmes based on
intellectual and organizational challenges

Geopolitical and social safety
Gain a cutting edge understanding of new world order in relation to technological and cultural innovation.


Social innovation for entrepreneurs
Make the city a space for social innovation and regeneration to achieve new economic and social orders.


Thinking beyond
Address today’s most pressing challenges with a new approach to management and gain pragmatic tools to boost civic and economic development.



Who is it for ?

The Harbour of Cultures is for curious, explorative and entrepreneurial minds, be these young innovators who want to collaborate on HOC’s social innovation activities or accomplished business leader who want to pause, reflect and change the way in which they operate by attending HOC’s learning activities.

Through art, culture, diversity, social entrepreneurship and innovative approaches to management, HOC will engage partners in co-designing unique and tailored learning experiences ‘on the ground’, where local challenges are used as material to regenerate minds, urban spaces, business models and dispute the conventional boundaries of today’s disciplines and sectorial experiences.


Who are we ?

Nico Bonomolo

Founding member

Photographer, Painter & Film Maker

Paul Chapman

Founding member

Senior Fellow @ Saïd Business School, University of Oxford

Fabio G. Ficano

Founding member

President, Lufrarise & Associates

Santi Furnari

Founding member

Professor of Strategy @ Cass Business School, London

Marco Giammona

Founding member

Entrepreneur and civil engineer @ Fondazione Sambuca

Silvia Le Marchant

Founding member

Social entrepreneur

Paolo Quattrone


Chair in Accounting Governance & Social Innovation @ University of Edinburgh Business School

Massimo Valsecchi


Francesca and Massimo Valsecchi Collection

Where is it ?

The Harbour of Cultures is in Palermo, in Sicily – the crossroad of diverse cultural trends and at the core of centuries of developments reflected in the DNA of so many great minds of today. Palermo, the site of this unique and courageous journey of intellectual regeneration and social innovation, was once central to the history of human kind. HOC aims to turn Palermo’s peripherical position in the modern world into a resource for exploring new forms of integration through art, culture, history and economics.

HOC will be held at the marvelous site of Palazzo Butera. The setting is a symbol of how change is possible even in places where it is unthinkable, and will draw on art, culture, and history to rethink leadership, negotiation, finance, business and social cohabitation.


How to help ? 

How can you help plant seeds of regeneration?

We are at the beginning of a long journey. We do not think education and innovation is something to sell but something that requires co-creation by engaged and diverse thought leaders. Are you ready to create something new and leave a legacy? Join us in co-designing activities and tailored leadership programmes to shape a new social contract (or new form of inclusive capitalism).